Video Production Company in Louisville, Kentucky


Our list of services is extensive, and has only grown longer given some of the specialized (and hopefully short-term) needs of our clients due to Covid restrictions. We are now collaborating with our clients on ways to maximize their virtual events through compelling pre-produced videos and on-site multi-camera streaming to platforms such as Zoom, Webex, Teams, and Meet. We also now offer remote-based interviewing and consultation to maximize content capture while minimizing or completely eliminating in-person contact.


This is in addition to all the “normal” services we continue to offer across the entire country, which includes but is certainly not limited to:


Virtual Events

Interviewing, Virtual Interviewing, Remote Interviewing 


Executive Interviews

Multi-camera Filming

Drone Video and Photo


Commercial Production

Corporate Video Production


YouTube and Social Media Pre-rolls

Location Filming

Live Sports Coverage

Live Event Coverage

Let’s win some awards together.